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Character: Synthic

Primal Aspirant's Dreadplate Helm Primal Aspirant's Choker of Cruelty Primal Aspirant's Dreadplate Shoulders Primal Aspirant's Cloak of Cruelty Undisputed Champion's Shirt Tabard of Flame Cragplate Wristwraps Primal Combatant's Plate Gauntlets Primal Aspirant's Girdle of Cruelty Primal Combatant's Dreadplate Legguards Primal Combatant's Warboots of Prowess Talon Guard Bloodsworn Ring Seal of the Auchenai Guardian Overized Shadeback Talon Primal Combatant's Insignia of Victory Hellscream's Decapitator
Character Portrait
L100 HumanDeath Knight