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Character: Volute

Cranefeather Hood of the Decimator Flanker's Battletags Cranefeather Shoulders of the Impatient Warmsun Cloak of the Windflurry Cranefeather Jerkin of the Windflurry Cranefeather Bindings of the Windflurry Cranefeather Gloves of the Windstorm Damron's Belt of Darkness Cranefeather Britches of the Zephyr Cranefeather Boots of the Windstorm Warmsun Ring of the Savant Warmsun Ring of the Zephyr Assurance of Consequence Rune of Re-Origination Softfoot's Last Resort Wu-Lai, Bladed Fan of the Consorts
Character Portrait
L90 DwarfUnknown Class